Kith and Kin is Curated Vintage and Mindfully Made Goods. We believe in quality over quantity. We’re political, passionate, outspoken and unafraid. We ask hard questions: Who made my clothes? Was this person paid a fair wage? Is the factory the garment is produced in a safe and clean place to work? Do the clothes we wear harm our planet? We’re rebels WITH a cause. We care about the clothes we sell and we do not support brands that exploit people or destroy our earth. We believe that happiness is not built on what we own but who we are as human beings and how we engage with people. Most importantly, we care about you. Kith and Kin means friends, family and neighbors. We are a safe place that welcomes all sizes, races and religions. Whether you stop by to shop or just to hang, we’re here for you. Welcome home.

Quotes that Give a Damn:

“In the rush to own things for reasons of status and looks, we lose the opportunity to be mindful and resourceful through the act of making and creating.” –Jane Milburn

“Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned.” –Ellen MacArthur Foundation

“It is time to join efforts and protect our environment, time to demand transparency for the fashion industry.” –Viktoria Modesta

“The simplest step we can take is to wear our clothes for longer. Look after them, repair them, restyle and re-invent them. Just increasing the lifespan of our clothes reduces all of their environmental impacts. Doubling the useful life of clothing from one year to two years reduces emissions over the year by 24%.” –Time-Out for Fast Fashion, Greenpeace

“53% of the world’s textile production waste comes from China, an estimated 70,000 tons every day, with 2.5 billion tons of polluted waste-water produced annually.” –Green Initiatives as published by The Business of Fashion

“Since 2016, buying second hand clothing for environmental reasons has increased 22.5%.” –Ethical Consumer Markets Report

If the girl who made your skirt’s not paid you cannot say it’s beautiful.

If the pay is less than a living wage you cannot say it’s beautiful

If the colored dyes now lie in rivers poisoned fish, polluted waters

If there’s no sick pay, no toilet breaks,

If the factories are in decay,

No matter what your mirror says,

Or how stylish you might look today

You cannot claim it’s beautiful.

—Hollie McNish @holliepoetry

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will.” –Anne Klein