Hey guys, I’m Leslie, co-founder (along with my incredibly talented and patient husband Bradley) of Kith and Kin. I’ve always loved fashion and for years was a self proclaimed addict shopper. Buying for the sake of style and status, I was addicted to consuming and the thrill of the find. Buying clothing was a way for me to escape the real world. I was in a crazed, self absorbed state. Over the years and through multiple retail jobs I started researching about the impact the fashion industry has on the environment and more importantly, the actual real life human person who sews and makes my clothes. I started searching for brands that cared about their employees, the factories working conditions, and the planet. Coming from Southeast Missouri, there are not a lot of options when it comes to ethical fashion and I set out with a goal to share the mission of the “slow fashion” industry to my small town. Thus Kith and Kin was born; serving up vintage goodness and USA made, ethically produced fashion to Cape Girardeau and beyond.

Brands we work with:

Anna Zembsch Stained Glass

Backbeat Rags


Golden Gems

One to One Print Shop

Oxford Pennant

Richer Poorer

SMASH Designs


We’re always searching for new artists and makers so if that’s YOU, contact us.

We’ll be using this platform to talk all things politics, art, fashion and culture so check back soon!