The Time Is Always Right, To Do What's Right. -MLK

We care about where our products come from and the people who work their asses off to create them. That’s why we only buy from companies that pay their employees living wages and provide them with a safe work environment. We also give a damn about our Planet, and believe you should too. Fabrics made with organic cotton and hemp not only last longer, but don’t release harmful chemicals into our oceans like polyester and synthetic fibers do. If loving the Earth makes us liberal hippies, then hand us the protest sign and light the nag champa, baby.

We’re different than other shops in Southeast Missouri, and we like it that way. We root for the little guy; the garage musician, the skater punk, the starving artist and the up and coming clothing designer. We’re unique, weird, funky and spunky. We say yes to social change and no to bigotry and hate. We step away from the mainstream and sell products we care about and carry sizes for all beautiful bodies. We were tired of seeing everyone in town looking like everyone else, so we decided to do something about it. Come by and hang; we’re here for you.