Calling All Artists

We. Love. Art. We knew when we opened our doors we wanted to be a place where artists would be welcomed. To accommodate our vision of supporting the arts we have two ways in which we hope to provide local, regional and even national artists a place in which they can either create or exhibit work.


We have a 12×9 ft wall that we would love to have a new mural on biannually or annually. We hope to collaborate with each artist who participates to take the mural design and produce a limited release of shirts in which profits go back to the artist in a way to fund the project. We would love to brag about your work on a First Friday event as well if you are inclined to talk about your work (last time was a blast!). If you are interested in proposing a design -note that we are totally open to your creative expression- all we ask is you keep our shops VISION in mind while making your design and we ask that you only use 4 colors as it will make the shirt design easier to make. We review submissions on a rolling basis so email with what you’re thinking anytime at


Additionally we have a 21 ft long wall we hope to provide artists with for solo or small group exhibitions. Students and career artists are all invited. Due to the nature of our hours each exhibit can/will be up for just a single weekend – Friday/Saturday. This is a super fun way to make a popup show with a great sense of “nowness”. These exhibits will naturally revolve around First Fridays. If you have an idea for a show or existing work you’d like to show contact us at!



Here is a list of the awesome people we’ve worked with so far! 

Logan Blankenship

Artist at Southeast Missouri State University. Letterpress manager at Catapult Creative House

Julie Riendeau

Printmaking BFA at Southeast Missouri State

Justin H. Miller

Artist, Collector, Art Professor & Gallery lover

Elana Nunez

Art is Love made public

Jenn Nieves

21 🎨📚🎮🌈💤

Katie Benn

San Francisco, CA 🌴